Founded in 2002 and based in Milan (Italy), All Metal Services is an
international operating consulting firm advising with specialised and recognized competence. Our results are guaranteed by the valuable contribution of each professional (all directly involved in AMS), by the network of global relations and by the experience developed in multinational contests. Our clients are leaders, or candidate for leadership, in the metal industry with a particular focus on the aluminum as well as the non ferrous metals.

To the Directors of such companies we offer assistance in the definition of specific strategies, but above all in the realization of the organizational, operative and commercial changes, deriving from such strategies or simply from the context of their competitive market. Being committed to sustain its clients in achieving their business results, AMS stands as a serious and reliable partner, using the best professional standards, offering the richest know-how and competences available on the market, taking advantage on our knowledge of the market and the international network, creating long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

AMS’s consultants are clear and direct and work with people to every level, catalyzing energies to reach the goal, developing a work context in which employee talents are constantly valued. The strong international connotation is an intellectual challenge that allows AMS consultants to grow professionally thanks to an active training “on the job” and thanks to the opportunity to take full advantage of their entrepreneurial spirit.